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Beautiful Chinese BL Novel!! (recommended)

I had read many chinese novel like sweet love in Feng Yu Jiu Tian, and the abusive love in Hua Hua You Long~~ there's also some which contain threesome/foursome kinda relationship. but for the first time i read a perfect plot arrangement with characters growth into a foursome relationship >/////< which include latest trend plot from japanese webnovel such like reincarnation/summon...

This novel is Ju Xing(True Star) which currently being translated by giraffecorps
Here's the link >>> <<<

List of characters~~
Tang Feng (uke) a man who's a talented artist, mature and intelligent. he/s also quick-wit in handling unexpected situation and charming too. He's also open-minded cause before he's reincarnated, he's an Asian live in the states.

Lu Tian Cheng (seme) a man who is called iceberg for being so cold towards others yet kind and caring only to his lover(uke). A company president which had secret involvement with dark organization

Charles (seme) a man who is a mix, womanizer and called a bear(kinda like a pet) since he like to hug and a mood maker to his lover(uke). Born as noble/rich family involve in smuggling and weaponry.

Albert (seme) a man who is quite unique thinking(known as crazy), narcissistic and dangerous (since he's probably the most powerful among seme in term of business). Also, prioritize his lover safety despite not being by his side the most.
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